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10 TV Characters Ruined By Their Own Development

10 TV Characters Ruined By Their Own Development

10 TV Characters Ruined By Their Own Development: The characters in most TV shows change over the course of the show’s run. However, not all of these changes are for the better. An arc or story is something that all shows, no matter what type, have in common.

Most of the time, this arc will have something to do with the main characters. However, some shows take a different method and focus on a place or time period to tell a story. But in the end, it’s the characters who move the story forward and go through growth and change over the course of a series.

10 TV Characters Ruined By Their Own Development

Most of these changes are meant to make a character better or more interesting and likeable. However, some shows make their characters worse over time, whether they mean to or not. There is bad growth in these characters in their shows.

It could be that they become a terrible monster, which makes them harder to root for, or they just become more annoying or frustrating. But this change can still be interesting and fit with the story if it makes sense and creates an arc that people want to follow, even if it’s just to see how it ends.

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Walter White

  • Vince Gilligan created Breaking Bad, which is about Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a former chemistry teacher who has become a drug lord, and his family’s struggles to make ends meet after he gets a fatal diagnosis.
  • White becomes powerful in the world of drugs and crime when he has nothing left to fear. He changes the simple family guy into a person known only as Heisenberg.
  • Walter White from Breaking Bad is a great example of how this helps the show. The story of Breaking Bad is so tight that it’s one of the best shows ever made. It’s as interesting and addicting as anything Walter could make. But that doesn’t mean the people got better.
  • Walter actively got worse in a number of ways over the course of the show. He got tough so he could stand up to people who lied to him and walked all over him, but he also turned into a drug boss, hurting people and ignoring his family.

Toby Cavanaugh

  • Pretty Little Liars is a very different story, and the characters seem to change a lot from one season to the next without much rhyme or reason. One person who does this is Toby Cavanaugh, Spencer Hastings’s on-again, off-again boyfriend.
  • Toby changed a lot during the show. At first, he was a nice, loving, and protective boyfriend that viewers could admire. But soon, he turned mean, angry, and hard to predict. By the end of the show, he was a police officer and had worked against the girls several times, which made him a very dislikeable figure.

James Olsen

  • Jimmy Olsen is Superman’s best friend in the books, but he’s usually a pretty normal young man. Supergirl wanted to give the character more depth and make him a little different, so she made Olsen older, a successful businessman, and someone who looks out for others.
  • Even though he becomes friends with Kara Danvers, a Kryptonian with superpowers, he feels the need to protect her and is often controlling around her. Most of the show, he is not liked as much until he becomes an active duty hero and gets to do what he wants, which is to help other people.
10 TV Characters Ruined By Their Own Development
10 TV Characters Ruined By Their Own Development

Eric Forman

  • That ’70s Show starts with Eric getting to know his neighbour Donna, and the two of them fall in love. During most of the show, they are the “it” pair and always look like they are happy together. But as the show’s end got closer, Eric became less sure of himself.
  • He looked for meaning in other things and even left his family, friends, and Donna behind to see the world. It may have been important for him to find himself, but he did it at the expense of the people he cared about and without making much of an effort to talk to them first.

Jess Day

  • In the same way, Jess Day in New Girl goes from not having any faith in herself to having it, and then losing it again. When the show starts, Jess has just broken up with someone and is feeling very down. But with the help of her new friends, she starts to feel better about herself.
  • But the show must have had trouble planning ahead because Jess’s character fell apart for several seasons after this growth. She became more annoying and unsure of herself, and her story was often pushed to the side as other characters’ stories became more interesting while hers fell apart.

Rory Gilmore

  • In Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore and her mother Lorelai had a unique connection. Usually, they pushed each other to do and be better. Because her mother works a lot, Rory, who is very smart, often has a lot of duties at home while her mother is away.
  • But it was clear that this made things worse for Rory, who had a hard time with loss, rejection, and making her own decisions about her future. Rory makes a lot of decisions based on what other people, especially her mother, tell her to do. To please them, she often does things that make her less happy.

Andy Bernard

  • Andy Bernard became a part of The Office when Jim left Scranton to work at the Dunder Mifflin branch in Stamford. At first, he was a bothersome figure who did strange things, but when Stamford shut down and was taken over by Scranton, he quickly became a popular character.
  • But the character had a run of bad luck that seemed to throw him off track, and he had a midlife crisis. He actively turned into a worse, more irresponsible, and more controversial character. It wasn’t until the very last shows that he was saved from his worst traits.

Sherlock Holmes

  • Sherlock started out as an unlikable character but slowly warmed up to his friends. However, his final season seemed to undo a lot of that growth. Even though Sherlock only had 15 full-length episodes over four seasons, the character changed a lot during that time.
  • He used to be selfish and not care about anyone, but in the last season, he seems to lose this as he starts to care more about tasks than people again. People who care about him the most often get hurt by what he does, but they choose to ignore his flaws anyway.

Britta Perry

  • Britta is a complicated young woman in Town. She clearly doesn’t feel like she fits in or knows where she belongs, and she often follows trends to try to look more interesting and different.
  • But her frantic need to be liked makes her do bad things, which hurts and frustrates her friend and makes her feel alone with the people around her. She has some good moments in the show, but Britta is mostly a problem for her friends to fix or stay away from because she is becoming less likeable.

Gregory House

  • Furthermore, Gregory House is a character who starts out as a smart and odd doctor but slowly turns into a worse person over time. He pushes away all the good things in his life, which makes other people dislike him and makes his heroin obsession worse.
  • He may save lives, but he causes a lot of pain and suffering for his friends. Because of this, he lost his licence to practice medicine, goes to and from jail and psychiatric hospitals, and has a hard time being a good person and friend.


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