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Alan Ritchson’s Criticism Of $7 Billion Movie Franchise Makes No Sense After Reacher Season 2’s Problems

Alan Ritchson's Criticism Of $7 Billion Movie Franchise Makes No Sense After Reacher Season 2's Problems

Alan Ritchson’s Criticism Of $7 Billion Movie Franchise Makes No Sense After Reacher Season 2’s Problems:  Alan Ritchson’s criticisms of James Bond ring more than a little hollow when Reacher season 2 fell victim to the same issues that he pointed out in the first season of the James Bond franchise.

The assertions that Alan Ritchson makes against the James Bond franchise are not able to withstand scrutiny, especially considering that Reacher season 2 was responsible for many of the same errors.

Although the character of James Bond has been subjected to several alterations, there are certain aspects that have remained consistent across all of the movie adaptations of the slick super-spy.

Bond is extremely competent at all times, he has a large number of potential romantic interests at all times, and he is always a cold-blooded killer.

A similar statement may be made about Jack Reacher, the protagonist of the Prime series Reacher. After the conclusion of the second season of Reacher, the protagonist of the adaptation of the Lee Childs novel series has certain similarities to the character 007.

Alan Ritchson’s Criticism Of $7 Billion Movie Franchise Makes No Sense After Reacher Season 2’s Problems

Despite the fact that Reacher is a veteran of the military, Bond is a working spy, and he is a free agent, whereas Reacher is a member of MI6. Reacher is a member of the British intelligence agency.

However, whereas the storyline of Reacher season 1 focused on Reacher’s status as a drifter with a heart of gold, the storyline of Reacher season 2 pulled him closer to the mold of an unstoppable super-spy.

Despite the fact that seeing other members of Reacher’s 110th Special Investigations Unit was a fascinating addition to the show’s setting, this development was not necessarily one that was welcomed. With these modifications, it is impossible to avoid the fact that several of Ritchson’s recent criticisms of James Bond, in which he criticized 007’s method of operation, appear to be unjust.

The Second Season of Reacher Was Much More Predictable Than the First Season

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ritchson stated that he viewed Reacher as an American Bond. However, he later admitted that he regarded the James Bond films to be “a little misogynistic and predictable.”

This assertion is a little overstated in light of the fact that Reacher season 2 was found to be significantly more predictable than its predecessor, and the series was never able to reclaim the straightforward allure of its first season.

The tone of Reacher season 2 was negatively affected by the change in location, as the spy thriller that was set in New York had none of the novelty value that it had in the first season. In the meantime, Reacher and Karla Dixon are unable to duplicate the effortless synergy that Roscoe and Reacher shared.

One of the things that contributed to the success of Roscoe and Reacher’s relationship was the same thing that made the Margrave setting in the first season so enjoyable. The title character did not give the impression that he was completely unstoppable; rather, he appeared to be a random wanderer who fell upon a plot in a little village and felt forced to act in a way that was morally sound.

Roscoe and Reacher were brought together by chance, whereas Reacher’s storyline in season 2 with the 110th Special Investigations Unit made him the kind of unyielding superhuman that people complain about James Bond being. Roscoe and Reacher were thrown together by fate. Ritchson’s views are ironic because the gradual descent into self-parody that Bond experienced was mirrored in the second season of Reacher.

There is a problem with the fact that the female characters in Reacher are more powerful than those in James Bond.

Despite the fact that Roscoe and Reacher had a solid relationship, this does not mean that Reacher is exempt from allegations of misogyny. The fact that Reacher never commits to a love interest and instead drops them when each season comes to a close has a sexist edge to it.

Both of Reacher’s seasons offered good character development for their respective love interests, but Reacher never commits to a love interest. The destructive pattern that had been present in the James Bond franchise for the preceding decades was broken in more recent James Bond films such as Casino Royale and No Time to Die.

These films showed 007 making genuine connections with the women he was romantically involved with. The disrespect for commitment that Reacher displays, on the other hand, is reminiscent of the more carefree attitude that was exemplified in earlier James Bond films.

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