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Below Deck: 8 Chief Stews Who Will Never Return To The Franchise

Below Deck 8 Chief Stews Who Will Never Return To The Franchise

Below Deck: 8 Chief Stews Who Will Never Return To The Franchise: Since 2013, many Chief Stews have been on Below Deck. Some of them won’t be on the reality TV show again. The Chief Stew is an important part of any boat, just like the Bosun and the Captain. They are in charge of the Stews team and make sure that the charter guests are happy during their stay.

Below Deck: 8 Chief Stews Who Will Never Return To The Franchise

  • In the eleven years since the show started, many Chief Stews have shown off their unique way of running a business on Below Deck. Some of them haven’t done their jobs well, but others have inspired people to remember the show through their roles.
  • The most well-known Chief Stew from Below Deck is Kate Chastain. She was in a lot of seasons and always did a great job when she came back. She kept good relationships with her team and Captain Lee Rosbach.
  • This showed everyone how to be a good Chief Stew. As Chief Stews, Katie Flood, Daisy Kelliher, Aesha Scott, Hannah Ferrier, Christine “Bugsy” Drake, Heather Chase, Natasha Webb, and a few others were even better than Kate. Even though a lot of people want them to, some of them will never come back to Below Deck.

Natasha Webb

  • Natasha Webb doesn’t want to be a part of Below Deck Mediterranean. Chief Stew used to be a great crew member on Captain Sandy Yawn’s boat. She did an excellent job in her job and didn’t let anything stop her from doing it.
  • Natasha’s friendship with Chef Dave White caused a lot of trouble the last time she was on Below Deck Med. That the whole thing made her feel so bad that she skipped the gathering and later said she wouldn’t be back. Natasha is now seeing her musical boyfriend Max Landry.

Francesca Rubi

  • Another great Chief Stew on Below Deck was Francesca Rubi. Because she was an important part of Captain Lee’s boat, she should have been brought back for season 9. Francesca quit the show instead, and it’s unlikely she’ll come back.
  • Captain Lee talked about why the old Chief Stew wasn’t coming back to the show. Monsters And Critics says he confirmed that Bravo did not ask her to come back. Francesca has a new job as a Pilates teacher now that her reality TV job is over. She looks pleased with her new life.

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Adrienne Gang

  • Alyssa Gang also quit Below Deck after the first season. She quit the show because she didn’t like how Below Deck had changed over the years. At first, Adrienne was upset that Bravo didn’t ask her to come back for season 2.
  • She was glad she wasn’t asked back, though, when she saw that the show had become less real and more dramatic. As seen on Cheatsheet, Adrienne said

Heather Chase

  • Heather Chase from Below Deck season 9 will also never come back to the series again because of what happened on her last episode. Heather was in a big fight with her co-star Rayna Lindsey, which began when Heather used a racial slur while singing.
  • Things got worse and worse until the whole thing went off the rails. Heather quit after the season was over. Heather said in 2023 that she was no longer working as a boat captain. If she wanted to go back to the show, she would have to come out of retirement.
Below Deck: 8 Chief Stews Who Will Never Return To The Franchise
Below Deck: 8 Chief Stews Who Will Never Return To The Franchise

Jenna MacGillivray

  • People who watch Below Deck Sailing Yacht are so used to seeing Daisy Kelliher that they forgot that Jenna MacGillivray played the Chief Stew in season 1. Jenna did a good job as a member of Captain Glenn Shephard’s first team.
  • They never called her back, though, and it doesn’t look like she’ll ever be back on the show. Monsters And Critics says that a director said Jenna’s relationship with Chef Adam Glick was a big reason why the network didn’t want to cast her in season 2.

Faye Clarke

  • Since Below Deck Adventure is not expected to get a second season, Faye Clarke may never come back to the show. In 2023, Faye talked about her future in the show and said she would be open to coming back for season 2 of the property.
  • Bravo did not approve a second season of Below Deck Adventure, and they later asked Captain Kerry Titheradge to run their main show.

Kate Chastain

Kate did a great job on Below Deck. For six years, she was Chief Stew and set a high standard for herself. Kate has grown apart from the show over the last few years, but she has kept in touch with her team.

Hannah Ferrier

Hannah was always Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean for five seasons, but she would never go back to the show. The last time she was on the spin-off, Captain Sandy fired her for having Valium on the boat, so she couldn’t go back. Also, Hannah has said that she would only come back to the show if Captain Lee or Captain Jason Chambers from Below Deck Down Under asked her to. Since Captain Lee has left Below Deck, it’s not likely that she will come back.

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