John Hughes' 39-Year-Old Comedy Classic Gets An Unexpected Remake In Critically Acclaimed New Horror Movie

A 1980s John Hughes film with a deadly twist inspired Universal's new vampire horror picture Abigail.Abigail, Universal's 2024 horror film, cleverly raised its difficulties by adopting a John Hughes humour for its reluctant vampire slayer team.   

Radio Silence's latest horror parody, Abigail, depicts a bunch of strangers recruited for a heist to kidnap a 12-year-old girl and hold her for ransom overnight.   

The players rapidly realise that Abigail is the daughter of a violent criminal lord and a centuries-old vampire, reducing their chances of survival till morning.  

Renfield and The Last Voyage of the Demeter have tried to resuscitate the vampire subgenre while paying respect to its predecessors, but Abigail has done so with more critical success.   

The film, which stars Melissa Barrera from Scream, opened with an 82% Rotten Tomatoes score, surpassing most vampire films from the preceding decade.   

Abigail's 1980s references, including John Hughes' most famous teen comedy, enhance its present setting and horror surprises.First, the cast told Screen Rant that Abigail was like the “horror Breakfast Club,” referring to the 2024 film's eclectic “rat pack.”  

The Radio Silence movie fulfilled this comparison, with the main group of criminals coming from different backgrounds, lifestyles, and personal struggles that led them to the heist team, much like  

The Breakfast Club's unique teens end up in detention. Naturally, Abigail has the group put aside their differences to combat a vampire instead of going to detention on Saturday.  

Melissa Barrera's Joey in Abigail can detect characters' histories and skills as they move around the room. Like The Breakfast Club, Abigail's robbery crew is split into the Medic (Joey), Ex-Cop (Frank), Hacker (Sammy), Ex-Marine (Rickles), Muscle (Peter), and Driver (Dean).   

Giancarlo Esposito brings the squad together, acting as Abigail's Principal Vernon.The heist squad had never met before, but Abigail draws them together under terrible circumstances and they quickly realise they're similar despite their origins.  

Like the teens in The Breakfast Club, Sammy rebelled against her wealthy parents, Frank left his family after leaving the police force, Joey's addiction caused her to distance herself from her son, and Abigail was ignored by her father for centuries.   

Therefore, Abigail's “rat pack” darkens The Breakfast Club's “brat pack.”The horror film Abigail does not replicate The Breakfast Club, but its ideas and dynamics are heavily influenced by the 1985 comedy.   

Still, some 1980s films like Road House are untouchable for reboots, remakes, or legacy sequels. John Hughes films are the most beloved ‘80s masterpieces or too difficult to transmit to modern audiences. None have been properly reproduced with a large budget or studio support.  

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