Superman Movie's Hawkgirl Actor Talks Nathan Fillion's Green Lantern & Mr. Terrific

Exclusive: Isabela Merced, who will play Hawkgirl in James Gunn's Superman, discusses working with her DC Universe co-stars.  

Hawkgirl actress Isabela Merced discusses working with Nathan Fillion's Green Lantern and other DC Universe superheroes in James Gunn's Superman.   

The DC Universe from Gunn and Peter Safran is being developed by Warner Bros. Discovery after the DCEU movie timeline ended. DC Studios is producing Superman, starring David Corenswet as the new live-action Man of Steel.  

Merced will play Hawkgirl in Gunn's Superman film. Merced was asked about her Superman filming process in a Screen Rant interview while promoting her new Max feature Turtles All the Way Down.   

Anthony Carrigan plays Metamorpho, Guy Gardner, Hawkgirl, and Mister Terrific in Superman. Unknown plot details. As no other parts have been cast, Gunn's Superman movie may not involve other DC heroes.   

Gunn says the superheroes in Superman's first DC Universe solo picture are supporting characters, despite concerns over their number.  

Gunn has emphasised that Superman will launch a DC Universe with superheroes. Because of such, Clark Kent will be the Man of Tomorrow in his early days.   

Chapter 1 "Gods and Monsters." features Hawkgirl, Metamorpho, Green Lantern, and Mister Terrific. The DCU will also get The Engineer (Maria Gabriela De Faria) from The Authority.  

Merced's Hawkgirl costume may appear in more location films. Gunn's Superman movie announcement date is uncertain. DC Universe viewers must wait to see what more the Superman flick holds.  

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